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Licensing opportunities: basic fluorescent proteins

- Multicolor protein collection for in vivo labeling applications
- Direct expression in cells
- For research and commercial use

Evrogen offers proprietary collection of fluorescent proteins optimized for various applications in commercial biotechnology, cell biology and biomedicine.

Diversity of Evrogen basic fluorescent proteins

Ranging in color from blue to far-red, Evrogen fluorescent proteins can be used for multicolor labeling to observe different cellular events in a particular cell or a cell population.

TurboFPs excitation spectra. TurboFPs emission spectra.

Normalized excitation / emission spectra

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List of fluorescent proteins
* Purified recombinant protein behaves as a pure monomer at concentrations of 10 mg/ml as verified by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).
** Although NirFP is characterized by fast maturation in E. coli, due to low brightness it requires up to 48 hours for detection after transfection in mammalian cells.

TagFPs, protein localization tags / details
TagBFPblue402 / 45799monomerfast
TagCFPcyan458 / 48064monomerfast
TagGFP2green483 / 506105monomerfast
TagYFPyellow508 / 52494monomerfast
TagRFPred (orange)555 / 584148monomerfast
FusionRedred580 / 60853supermonomer*fast
mKate2far-red588 / 63374monomerfast

TurboFPs, superbright and fast-maturing proteins / details
TurboGFPgreen482 / 502112dimersuper fast
TurboYFPyellow525 / 538169dimersuper fast
TurboRFPred (orange)553 / 574187dimersuper fast
TurboFP602true-red574 / 60279dimerfast
TurboFP635far-red588 / 63567dimersuper fast

Fluorescent proteins for whole body imaging / details
Katushka2Sfar-red588 / 63389dimersuper fast
TurboFP650near-infrared592 / 65047dimersuper fast
NirFPnear-infrared605 / 67013dimerfast**

Fluorescent proteins for fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) / details
BrUSLEEgreen487 / 50978fast
SLIMgreen488 / 50813fast

Old or discontinued variants
TagGFPgreen482 / 505104monomerfast
TagFP635far-red588 / 63545monomerfast
JRedtrue-red584 / 61026weak dimerslow
PhiYFPyellow525 / 537158dimerfast
CopGFPgreen482 / 502126tetramersuper fast

Evaluation of the technologies is easily available by purchase of the related research use product. Please see "Notice to Purchaser" section for the product of your interest for details.

For license information please contact Evrogen by e-mail at license@evrogen.com.


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