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Green fluorescent protein CopGFP

Newer version is available, please see TurboGFP description.


- Bright green fluorescence
- Extra fast maturation at a wide range of temperatures

CopGFP (ppluGFP2 in our scientific publications, Shagin et al., 2004) is a green fluorescent protein cloned from copepod Pontellina plumata (Arthropoda; Crustacea; Maxillopoda; Copepoda). CopGFP is characterized by superbright green fluorescence (excitation/ emission max = 482/ 502 nm) and fast maturation rate at a wide range of temperatures.

CopGFP demonstrates successful performance when expressed in cold-blooded animals, however exhibits a tendency to form aggregates in mammalian cells especially in long-term cultures.

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The vectors encoding CopGFP protein are discontinued by Evrogen.



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