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About us

Mission: Evrogen is an innovation-driven company founded by scientists dedicated to making successful ideas widely available as efficient products and services for life science research. Established in 2000 and constantly developing, Evrogen invents, develops and offers novel technologies and means in the field of molecular and cell biology. Scientists ourselves, we aim at maintaining quality and efficiency of our solutions. We aspire to provide all our expertise to meet customer needs.

Our Values

  • Reliable Results:

We use proven biotechnological approaches (Suppression Subtractive Hybridization, SSH; Bacterial genome subtraction; Mirror Orientation Selection; Step-out RACE, etc.) as well as novel proprietary techniques (DSN-normalization, fluorescent technologies) to deliver reliable, reproducible results.

  • Quality Service:

We are dedicated to providing quality service to our customers with the help of talented inventors of Evrogen technologies and knowledgeable support team.

  • User Friendly:

Scientists ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be when an offered service doesn't meet your needs and we strive to be accommodative, creative, and interactive in fitting our products and services to your scientific goals.

  • Openness for Collaboration:

We are open to participating in broad research collaborations and larger projects aimed at innovation in science.

Research and development

Evrogen R&D program is focused on developing new molecular genetics and cell biology techniques and materials for life science research.

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