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Far-red fluorescent protein Katushka2S

- Super bright far-red fluorescence
- High signal-to-noise ratio, fast maturation
- Recommended for whole body imaging

Katushka2S is the next generation of far-red fluorescent protein TurboFP635 (Katushka) [Luker et al., 2015; Shcherbo et al., 2009; Gurskaya et al., 2011]. Katushka2S exhibits highest brightness, fastest maturation and superior signal-to-noise ratio compared to TurboFP635 and many other available far-red fluorescent proteins: E2-Crimson, mNeptune, mNeptune2.5, mCardinal, TurboFP650 and NirFP [Luker et al., 2015], which makes it the protein of choice for visualization within living tissues. Katushka2S can also be used together with iRFP720 [Luker et al., 2015] for dual color whole body imaging.

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Katushka2S expression/source vectors

pKatushka2S-C FP761 Mammalian expression vector encoding humanized Katushka2S and allowing its expression and generation of fusions to the Katushka2S C-terminus 20 μg € 480 / 240*
pKatushka2S-B FP763 Bacterial expression vector; source of the Katushka2S coding sequence 20 μg € 480 / 240*

Antibody against Katushka2S

AB233 Rabbit polyclonal antibody against TurboRFP, TurboFP602, TurboFP635, Katushka2S, TurboFP650, NirFP, TagBFP, TagRFP, FusionRed, TagFP635, mKate2, PA-TagRFP, mRuby and mCherry 100 μg € 220


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  • Luker KE, Pata P, Shemiakina II, Pereverzeva A, Stacer AC, Shcherbo DS, Pletnev VZ, Skolnaja M, Lukyanov KA, Luker GD, Pata I, Chudakov DM. Comparative study reveals better far-red fluorescent protein for whole body imaging. Sci Rep. 2015; 5 :10332. doi: 10.1038/srep10332 / pmid: 26035795
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