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Red fluorescent protein JRed

- True-red fluorescence
- Proven suitability to create stably transfected cell lines

JRed is a red fluorescent protein obtained by mutagenesis of Anthomedusae jellyfish chromoprotein [Shagin et al., 2004]. JRed fluorescence (excitation/emission maxima are 584 and 610 nm, respectively) can be detected using most popular filter sets.

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The vectors encoding JRed protein are discontinued by Evrogen.



  • Shagin DA, Barsova EV, Yanushevich YG, Fradkov AF, Lukyanov KA, Labas YA, Semenova TN, Ugalde JA, Meyers A, Nunez JM, Widder EA, Lukyanov SA, Matz MV. GFP-like proteins as ubiquitous metazoan superfamily: evolution of functional features and structural complexity. Mol Biol Evol. 2004; 21 (5):841-50. / pmid: 14963095
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