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True-red fluorescent protein TurboFP602

- Bright true-red fluorescence
- Fast maturation, high pH-stability
- Proven suitability to generate stably transfected cell lines
- Recommended for gene expression analysis and cell and organelle labeling in an autofluorescent environment

TurboFP602 is a red-shifted variant of the red fluorescent protein TurboRFP from sea anemone Entacmaea quadricolor [Merzlyak et al., 2007]. TurboFP602 possesses true-red fluorescence (with excitation/emission maxima at 574/602 nm, respectively), optimal for detection via most popular filter sets, and is easily distinguished from background signals. TurboFP602 exhibits fast maturation and high pH stability.

TurboFP602 is mainly intended for applications where fast appearance of true-red fluorescence is crucial. It is specially recommended for cell and organelle labeling and for tracking the promoter activity in autofluorescent tissues.

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TurboFP602 expression/source vectors

pTurboFP602-N FP712 Mammalian expression vector encoding humanized TurboFP602 and allowing its expression and generation of fusions to the TurboFP602 N-terminus 20 μg € 320 / 160*
pTurboFP602-mito FP717 Mammalian expression vector encoding humanized TurboFP602 targeted to mitochondria 20 μg € 320 / 160*

Antibody against TurboFP602

AB233 Rabbit polyclonal antibody against TurboRFP, TurboFP602, TurboFP635, Katushka2S, TurboFP650, NirFP, TagBFP, TagRFP, FusionRed, TagFP635, mKate2, PA-TagRFP, mRuby and mCherry 100 μg € 220


  • Merzlyak EM, Goedhart J, Shcherbo D, Bulina ME, Shcheglov AS, Fradkov AF, Gaintzeva A, Lukyanov KA, Lukyanov S, Gadella TW, Chudakov DM. Bright monomeric red fluorescent protein with an extended fluorescence lifetime. Nat Methods. 2007; 4 (7):555-7. / pmid: 17572680
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