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Licensing opportunities

- Competitive technologies for molecular biology research, development and potential commercialization
- Flexible deal structures and tailoring each relationship to meet the licensee needs
- Easy and convenient evaluation

The following Evrogen technologies are available for licensing:

Basic Fluorescent Proteins
Fluorescent proteins of different colors for in vivo labeling applications, including cell labeling, protein localization, and gene expression studies

Photoactivatable Fluorescent Proteins
Photoactivatable fluorescent proteins (PAFPs) represent a unique tool for monitoring cellular events

Duplex-specific nuclease (DSN) from Red King (Kamchatka) crab and methods for its use
Thermostable enzyme with a strong preference for cleaving double-stranded (ds) DNA; ideal tool for removing ds DNA from nucleic acid samples

Evaluation of the technologies is easily available by purchase of the related research use product. Please see "Notice to Purchaser" section for the product of your interest for details.

For license information please contact Evrogen by e-mail at license@evrogen.com.

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