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Hydrogen peroxide sensor HyPer

- Ratiometric detection of intracellular H2O2 level changes
- High selectivity and sensitivity, no artifactual ROS generation
- Direct expression in cells, easy targeting to various subcellular compartments
- No exogenous chemical compounds required
- Recommended for monitoring H2O2 production inside living cells

Available variants and fusions
VariantDescriptionRelated vectorCat.#Click for image
HyPer-AS variant HyPer-AS codon usage is optimized for high expression in Arabidopsis and Saccharomyces. This variant is available in Gateway® entry clone. Gateway® HyPer-AS entry clone* FP943
HyPer-Cyto HyPer comprises fluorescent part which codon usage is optimized for high expression in mammalian cells [Haas et al., 1996] and OxyR part from E. coli with autogenic codon usage. Effective expression of HyPer occures in both bacteria and mammalian cells.
When expressed in mammalian cells, this variant is evenly distributed throughout the cytosol and the nucleus.
pHyPer-cyto* FP941
HyPer-dMito Two copies of mitochondrial targeting sequence derived from subunit VIII precursor of human cytochrome C oxidase [Rizzuto et al., 1989; Rizzuto et al., 1995] are fused to HyPer N-terminus. When expressed in mammalian cells, this variant is localized in mitochondria. pHyPer-dMito* FP942
HyPer-nuc Three copies of the nuclear localization signal [Fischer-Fantuzzi and Vesco, 1988] are fused to the HyPer C-terminus. When expressed in mammalian cells, this variant is localized in the nuclei. pHyPer-nuc* FP944


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