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Hydrogen peroxide sensor HyPer

- Ratiometric detection of intracellular H2O2 level changes
- High selectivity and sensitivity, no artifactual ROS generation
- Direct expression in cells, easy targeting to various subcellular compartments
- No exogenous chemical compounds required
- Recommended for monitoring H2O2 production inside living cells

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are tightly involved in normal cell functions as well as in development of a wide variety of pathologies. Commonly used for ROS detection, dichlorofluorescein (DCF) derivatives have several serious disadvantages: they are not specific (i.e. they are sensitive to multiple types of ROS); they cannot be targeted to specific intracellular compartments; and, most importantly, they can produce ROS upon light exposure, which results in artifactual ROS generation and signal amplification.

HyPer is the first fully genetically encoded fluorescent sensor capable of detecting intracellular hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), one of the main ROS generated by cells [Belousov et al., 2006]. Developed on the basis of yellow fluorescent protein inserted into the regulatory domain of E. coli protein OxyR (OxyR-RD) [Choi et al., 2001], HyPer demonstrates submicromolar affinity to hydrogen peroxide and is insensitive to other oxidants tested, such as superoxide, oxidized glutathione, nitric oxide, and peroxinitrite. HyPer does not cause artifactual ROS generation and can be used for detection of fast changes of H2O2 concentration in different cell compartments under various physiological and pathological conditions.

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HyPer expression/source vectors

pHyPer-cyto FP941 Mammalian expression vector allowing HyPer expression in cytosol under the control of CMV promoter 20 μg € 600 / 300*
pHyPer-dMito FP942 Mammalian expression vector encoding mitochondria-targeted HyPer 20 μg € 600 / 300*
Gateway® HyPer-AS entry clone FP943 Gateway® entry clone for transfer of HyPer into Gateway® destination vectors; HyPer codon usage is optimized for expression in Arabidopsis and Saccharomyces 20 μg € 600 / 300*
pHyPer-nuc FP944 Mammalian expression vector encoding nuclear-targeted HyPer 20 μg € 600 / 300*

Antibody against HyPer

AB011 Rabbit polyclonal antibody against EGFP, BrUSLEE, SLIM, TagCFP, TagGFP, TagGFP2, TagYFP, PS-CFP2, AceGFP1, Case12 and HyPer 100 μg € 220
AB121 Rabbit polyclonal antibody against TagCFP, TagGFP, TagGFP2, TagYFP, PS-CFP2, Case12, HyPer, EGFP, BrUSLEE and SLIM 100 μg € 220


  • Belousov VV, Fradkov AF, Lukyanov KA, Staroverov DB, Shakhbazov KS, Terskikh AV, Lukyanov S. Genetically encoded fluorescent indicator for intracellular hydrogen peroxide. Nat Methods. 2006; 3 (4):281-6. / pmid: 16554833
  • Choi H, Kim S, Mukhopadhyay P, Cho S, Woo J, Storz G, Ryu S. Structural basis of the redox switch in the OxyR transcription factor. Cell. 2001; 105 (1):103-13. / pmid: 11301006
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