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Hydrogen peroxide sensor HyPer

- Ratiometric detection of intracellular H2O2 level changes
- High selectivity and sensitivity, no artifactual ROS generation
- Direct expression in cells, easy targeting to various subcellular compartments
- No exogenous chemical compounds required
- Recommended for monitoring H2O2 production inside living cells

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HyPer expression/source vectors

pHyPer-cyto FP941 Mammalian expression vector allowing HyPer expression in cytosol under the control of CMV promoter 20 μg € 600 / 300*
pHyPer-dMito FP942 Mammalian expression vector encoding mitochondria-targeted HyPer 20 μg € 600 / 300*
Gateway® HyPer-AS entry clone FP943 Gateway® entry clone for transfer of HyPer into Gateway® destination vectors; HyPer codon usage is optimized for expression in Arabidopsis and Saccharomyces 20 μg € 600 / 300*
pHyPer-nuc FP944 Mammalian expression vector encoding nuclear-targeted HyPer 20 μg € 600 / 300*

Antibody against HyPer

AB011 Rabbit polyclonal antibody against EGFP, BrUSLEE, SLIM, TagCFP, TagGFP, TagGFP2, TagYFP, PS-CFP2, AceGFP1, Case12 and HyPer 100 μg € 220
AB121 Rabbit polyclonal antibody against TagCFP, TagGFP, TagGFP2, TagYFP, PS-CFP2, Case12, HyPer, EGFP, BrUSLEE and SLIM 100 μg € 220

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