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Far-red fluorescent protein Katushka2S

- Super bright far-red fluorescence
- High signal-to-noise ratio, fast maturation
- Recommended for whole body imaging

Available variants and fusions
VariantDescriptionRelated vectorCat.#
Humanized Katushka2S Katushka2S codon usage is optimized for high expression in mammalian cells [Haas et al., 1996], but it can be successfully expressed in many other heterological systems. pKatushka2S-C FP761
pKatushka2S-N FP762
pKatushka2S-B FP763


  • Haas J, Park EC, Seed B. Codon usage limitation in the expression of HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein. Curr Biol. 1996; 6 (3):315-24. / pmid: 8805248
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