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Far-red fluorescent protein TurboFP635

- Super bright far-red fluorescence
- Fast maturation, high photostability
- Proven suitability to generate stably transfected cell lines
- Fluorescent signal is easily distinguished from background fluorescence
- Recommended for cell and organelle labeling in autofluorescent environment, multicolor applications and whole body imaging

Performance and use

TurboFP635 can be easily expressed and detected in a wide range of organisms. Mammalian cells transiently transfected with TurboFP635 expression vectors produce bright fluorescence in 10-12 hrs after transfection. No cytotoxic effects or visible protein aggregation are observed.

DsRed-Express and TurboFP635 expression in Xenopus laevis.

Transgenic 2.5 months living animals expressing TurboFP635 and DsRed-Express under the control of cardiac actin promoter are shown from the dorsal side. TurboFP635 (on the right) is excellently visible in the whole body, while DsRed-Express (on the left) can be hardly visualized. This experiment clearly demonstrates the advantage of longer wavelength emission of TurboFP635 for the whole body imaging. Leica MZFLIII fluorescent stereomicroscope, excitation filter 546/10; emission filter 565LP.

Data courtesy of Dr. A. Zaraisky, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, RAS (Moscow, Russia).

Despite its dimeric structure, TurboFP635 performs well in some fusions. However, for protein labeling applications we recommend using specially optimized monomeric TagFPs.

TurboFP635 suitability to generate stably transfected cells has been proven by Marinpharm company.

TurboFP635 can be used in multicolor labeling applications with blue, cyan, green, yellow, and red (orange) fluorescent dyes.

TurboFP635 expression in mammalian cells.

(A) Transiently transfected Phoenix cells; (B) stably transfected WALKER 256 rat tumor cells; (C) stably transfected T-24 human bladder carcinoma cells; (D) stably transfected metastasizing melanoma line MelJuSo. Images of stably transfected cell lines were kindly provided by Dr. Christian Petzelt (Marinpharm).

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