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Far-red fluorescent protein TurboFP635

- Super bright far-red fluorescence
- Fast maturation, high photostability
- Proven suitability to generate stably transfected cell lines
- Fluorescent signal is easily distinguished from background fluorescence
- Recommended for cell and organelle labeling in autofluorescent environment, multicolor applications and whole body imaging

Main properties

TurboFP635 spectra

TurboFP635 normalized excitation (thin line) and emission (thick line) spectra.

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* Brightness is a product of extinction coefficient and quantum yield, divided by 1000.
Molecular weight, kDa26
Polypeptide length, aa235
Fluorescence colorfar-red
Excitation maximum, nm588
Emission maximum, nm635
Quantum yield0.34
Extinction coefficient, M-1cm-165 000
Brightness, % of EGFP67
Maturation rate at 37°Csuper fast
Cell toxicitynot observed
Main advantagesbright and fast-maturing far-red fluorescent protein; high pH-stability and photostability
Possible limitationsdimer, limited applicability for fusions generation
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