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pKindling-Red-B vector

cat.# FP302

The vector sequence has been compiled using the information from sequence databases, published literature, and other sources, together with partial sequences obtained by Evrogen. This vector has not been completely sequenced.

vector information:
pKindling-Red-BFP30220 μg€ 320 / 160*
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Vector typebacterial expression vector
Reporter codon usagemammalian
Promoter for KFP-RedT5 promoter/lac operator
Host cellsprokaryotic
ReplicationColE1 ori
Use Source of the KFP-Red coding sequence; KFP-Red expression in bacterial cells
BamH I
Hind III

Vector description

pKindling-Red-B is a prokaryotic expression vector encoding kindling red fluorescent protein KFP-Red (see reporter description). Reporter codon usage is optimized for high expression in mammalian cells (humanized) [Haas et al., 1996].

The vector is primarily intended as a source of KFP-Red coding sequence. Flanking restriction sites are convenient for excision of KFP-Red sequence and its further insertion into other expression vectors of choice. Alternatively, KFP-Red coding sequence can be amplified by PCR.

Note: The plasmid DNA was isolated from dam+-methylated E. coli. Therefore some restriction sites are blocked by methylation. If you wish to digest the vector using such sites you will need to transform the vector into a dam- host and make fresh DNA.

The vector can be also used for KFP-Red expression in prokaryotes under the control of T5 promoter/lac operator. The vector backbone contains ColE1 origin of replication and ampicillin resistance gene for propagation and selection in E. coli.

Location of features

T5 promoter/lac operator element: 7-87
T5 transcription start: 61
KFP-Red coding sequence: 133-831
Lambda t0 transcriptional termination region: 852-946
rrnB T1 transcriptional termination region: 1708-1806
ColE1 origin of replication: 2282
beta-lactamase coding sequence: 3900-3040


  • Haas J, Park EC, Seed B. Codon usage limitation in the expression of HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein. Curr Biol. 1996; 6 (3):315-24. / pmid: 8805248

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