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Recombinant red (orange) fluorescent protein rTagRFP

cat.# FP154

- Standard on protein gels and Western blots
- Control for fluorescence microscopy
- Calibration of fluorimeters and FACS machines
- Microinjection into cells and tissues

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Recombinant TagRFP (rTagRFP) is 27-kDa red (orange) fluorescent protein. It has spectral properties identical to those of the expressed TagRFP and is suitable as a control reagent for TagRFP expression using the TagRFP expression vectors.

rTagRFP is purified from transformed E. coli using organic extraction and hydrophobic chromatography. This method ensures high purity of the recombinant protein and maintenance of fluorescence. The protein concentration is measured by chromophore absorption. rTagRFP contains 6XHis tag at its N-terminus.

Storage: at +4°C.

TagRFP spectra

TagRFP normalized excitation (thin line) and emission (thick line) spectra.
Download TagRFP spectra (xls)

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