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Yellow fluorescent protein TurboYFP

- Super bright true-yellow fluorescence
- Emission wavelength is ideally positioned between those of green and red fluorescent proteins
- Fast maturation, high pH-stability and photostability
- Destabilized variant is available
- Recommended for gene expression analysis and cell labeling

Performance and use

TurboYFP can be expressed and detected in a wide range of organisms. Mammalian cells transiently transfected with TurboYFP expression vectors produce bright fluorescence in 8-10 hrs after transfection.

Being overexpressed in long-term culture of cells with high expression levels, TurboYFP shows slight tendency to aggregate. It might limit TurboYFP use in such experimental systems. Please use Phi-Yellow proteins for stable expression and for organelle labeling.

Despite its dimeric structure, TurboYFP performs well in some fusions. However for protein labeling applications we recommend using specially optimized monomeric TagFPs.

TurboYFP can be used in multicolor labeling applications with blue, cyan, green, red, and far-red fluorescent dyes.

TurboYFP expression in transiently transfected cells:

(A) Phoenix cells; (B) Hela cells.

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