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Cyan-to-green photoswitchable fluorescent protein PS-CFP2

- Monomer, succesful perfomance in fusions
- Irreversible photoconversion from a cyan to a green fluorescent form
- High contrast of photoconversion
- High pH stability allowing labeling of acidic organelles
- Recommended for tracking cell, organelle, and protein movement, monitoring the protein turnover and superresolution imaging

PS-CFP2 is an improved mutant of the photoswitchable monomeric fluorescent protein PS-CFP [Chudakov et al., 2004]. PS-CFP2 exhibits faster maturation and a brighter fluorescence both before and after photoswitching than its parental variant.

PS-CFP2 is capable of irreversible photoconversion from cyan to green fluorescent form in response to 405 nm light irradiation. It is recommended for real-time in vivo tracking movement of individual cells, organelles, and protein fractions [Chudakov et al., 2007]. It can also be applied for monitoring of the protein turnover at the single cell level [Zhang et al., 2007] and superresolution imaging by PALM [Shroff et al., 2007]. In addition, PS-CFP2 can be used as a routine cyan fluorescent tag (excitation maximum at 400 nm and emission maximum at 468 nm) at moderate excitation intensities and as a donor in FRET applications [Souslova and Chudakov, 2006].

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PS-CFP2 expression/source vectors

pPS-CFP2-C FP801 Mammalian expression vector encoding humanized PS-CFP2 and allowing its expression and generation of fusions to the PS-CFP2 C-terminus 20 μg € 400 / 200*
pPS-CFP2-N FP802 Mammalian expression vector encoding humanized PS-CFP2 and allowing its expression and generation of fusions to the PS-CFP2 N-terminus 20 μg € 400 / 200*

Antibody against PS-CFP2

AB011 Rabbit polyclonal antibody against EGFP, BrUSLEE, SLIM, TagCFP, TagGFP, TagGFP2, TagYFP, PS-CFP2, AceGFP1, Case12 and HyPer 100 μg € 220
AB121 Rabbit polyclonal antibody against TagCFP, TagGFP, TagGFP2, TagYFP, PS-CFP2, Case12, HyPer, EGFP, BrUSLEE and SLIM 100 μg € 220


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