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Tools for labeling of subcellular structures

- Easy labeling of cell compartments and proteins
- Wide range of fluorescent colors
- No exogenous chemical compounds or cofactors required

Subcellular localization vectors: labeling of α-tubulin
*50% discount on the second and subsequent vectors encoding same fluorescent protein or sensor ordered by the same customer.
The prices do not include delivery. The prices vary in different countries. Please contact your local distributor for exact prices and delivery information.
FP135 pTagYFP-tubulin TagYFP fusion with α-tubulin yellow 20 μg € 400 / 200*
FP145 pTagRFP-tubulin TagRFP fusion with α-tubulin red (orange) 20 μg € 400 / 200*
FP195 pTagGFP2-tubulin TagGFP2 fusion with α-tubulin green 20 μg € 400 / 200*
FP814 pPA-TagRFP-tubulin PA-TagRFP fusion with α-tubulin NO/red 20 μg € 400 / 200*

Labeling of α-tubulin with different fluorescent proteins:

TagBFP (A), TagGFP2 (B), TagYFP (C), TagRFP (D) and FusionRed (E). Cells used are HeLa (A, D), REF-52 (B), stably transfected MDCK canine kidney epithelial cells (C), fox lung fibroblast cells (E).

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