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Near-infrared fluorescent protein TurboFP650

- Bright near-infrared fluorescence
- Fast maturation, high photostability
- Fluorescent signal is easily distinguished from background fluorescence
- Recommended for whole body imaging and multicolor applications

Recommended filter sets and antibodies

TurboFP650 can be recognized using Anti-tRFP antibody (Cat.# AB233) available from Evrogen.

The optimal excitation/emission ranges for TurboFP650 visualization are:
excitation: 550-610 nm
emission: 620-800 nm
Therefore, many common filter sets used for visualization of red and far-red fluorescent proteins, Texas Red, Allophycocyanin and Cy5 (wide excitation), can be used with TurboFP650 as well.

The recommended filter sets for gathering the maximal signal from TurboFP650 alone:
Chroma Technology Corp.: 11010v2 Yellow; 11007v2 Wide Green
Semrock : LF594/LP-A (especially with 594 nm laser excitation); LF561/LP-A (especially with 561 nm laser excitation);
Omega Optical: XF102-2, XF40-2

The recommended filter sets for spectral separation with orange-red fluorescent proteins*, such as TurboRFP or TagRFP:
Chroma Technology Corp.: 41024 Cy5 Longpass Emission, 49006 ET - Cy5
Semrock: Cy5-4040A, Cy5-4040B, LF594/LP-A
Omega Optical: XF110-2

* The final choice of the filter set should be made basing on the spectral characteristics of the second fluorescent protein.

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