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Tools for testing promoter activity

- Wide collection of fast-maturing fluorescent proteins
- No exogenous chemical compounds or cofactors required
- Promoterless vectors encoding destabilized fluorescent proteins available

Evrogen superbright and fast-maturing TurboFPs fluorescent proteins are specially recommended for use in applications requiring fast appearance of bright fluorescence, including in vivo tracking promoter activity and gene expression.

TurboFPs mature noticeably faster than most other fluorescent proteins and hereby allow monitoring the activity from early promoters. Ranging in color from green to far-red, TurboFPs proteins are ideal for simultaneous analysis of gene expression from different promoters in a particular cell or a cell population.

Destabilized protein variants with a rapid protein turnover allow accurate monitoring of rapid and/or transient events in gene regulation.

Promoterless vectors available
*50% discount on the second and subsequent vectors encoding same fluorescent protein or sensor ordered by the same customer.
The prices do not include delivery. The prices vary in different countries. Please contact your local distributor for exact prices and delivery information.
FP235 pTurboRFP-PRL TurboRFP red (orange) 20 μg € 320 / 160*
FP515 pTurboGFP-PRL TurboGFP green 20 μg € 320 / 160*
FP604 pPhi-Yellow-PRL PhiYFP yellow 20 μg € 320 / 160*
Promoterless vectors encoding destabilized fluorescent proteins
FP523 peTurboGFP-PRL-dest1 destabilized TurboGFP green 20 μg € 320 / 160*
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