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Kindling red fluorescent protein KFP-Red

- Reversible or irreversible photoactivation
- Activated by green light that does not damage cells and tissues
- Quenching by blue light
- Recommended for tracking cells and cellular organelle movements

KFP-Red (also referred to as KFP1) is a photoactivatable GFP-like protein generated on the basis of Anemonia sulcata chromoprotein, asFP595 [Lukyanov et al., 2000; Chudakov et al., 2003a; Chudakov et al., 2003b]. KFP-Red switches from a non-fluorescent to a red fluorescent form (with excitation/emission maxima at 580 nm and 600 nm, respectively) under the exposure to intense green light irradiation. A green light laser does not damage cells and tissues. Activated KFP-Red can be easily detected because its emission spectrum is beyond the region of cell autofluorescence.

KFP-Red can be used for in vivo monitoring cell and cellular organelle movement.

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KFP-Red expression/source vectors

pKindling-Red-N FP301 Mammalian expression vector encoding humanized KFP-Red and allowing its expression and generation of fusions to the KFP-Red N-terminus 20 μg € 320 / 160*

Recombinant protein

rKFP-Red FP351 Purified recombinant kindling red fluorescent protein 100 μg € 130


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