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Recombinant kindling red protein rKFP-Red

cat.# FP351

- Standard on protein gels and Western blots
- Control for fluorescence microscopy
- Calibration of fluorimeters and FACS machines
- Microinjection into cells and tissues

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Recombinant KFP-Red (rKFP-Red) is 26-kDa photoactivatable colored non-fluorescent protein. It has spectral properties identical to those of the expressed KFP-Red.

rKFP-Red can be kindled by green light. Irreversibly kindled purified rKFP-Red retains red fluorescence for many months and can be used as a standard on protein gels and Western blots; control for fluorescence microscopy and for calibration of fluorometeres and FACS machines. Moreover, rKFP-Red may be microinjected into cells and tissues of interest, kindled, and used as a marker of these particular objects.

rKFP-Red is purified from transformed E. coli using acetone precipitation. Purity of the rKFP-Red determined on PAGE is about 95%.

Storage: at +4°C in the dark place (before photoactivation).

KFP-Red spectra

KFP-Red normalized spectra.
Download KFP-Red spectra (xls)

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