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Photoactivatable red fluorescent protein PA-TagRFP

- Monomer, successful performance in fusions
- Non-fluorescent before photoactivation
- Irreversible photoactivation to a red fluorescent form by UV-violet light irradiation
- High brightness and photostability
- Recommended for super-resolution imaging

Recommended antibodies, filter sets and laser lines

PA-TagRFP can be recognized using Anti-tRFP antibody (Cat.# AB233) available from Evrogen.

PA-TagRFP is non-fluorescent before light activation. Upon UV-violet irradiation the protein irreversibly converts to its red fluorescent form.

PA-TagRFP can be activated during both widefield imaging (e.g. the Arc-lamp irradiation, 100xoil objective, 390-420 nm, 10-50 mW/cm2) and confocal laser scanning imaging (e.g. 405 nm laser line, estimated < 2.5 W/cm2 at the sample). Maximal efficiency of photoactivation for PA-TagRFP is observed at 390-420 nm. The photoactivation efficiency drops dramatically with the wavelength increasing above 420 nm.

The source of irradiation, irradiation time and intensity of activating UV-violet light must be individually adjusted for particular instrumentation and intended application.

TRITC filter set or similar can be used for visualization of activated PA-TagRFP. Omega Optical filter sets QMAX-Red and XF174 are recommended.

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