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Licensing opportunities: photoactivatable fluorescent proteins

- Light-induced high-contrast photoconversion
- Easy detection by flow cytometry or fluorescence microscopy
- No cofactors, substrates, or chemical staining required
- Suitability for long-term tracking of cellular events

Available proteins
* Brightness is a product of extinction coefficient and quantum yield, divided by 1000.
Ext.coeff. – extinction coefficient.
Fluorescence colorcyan   /   green NO   /   red
Excitation max (nm)400   /   490 -   /   562
Emission max (nm)468   /   511 -   /   595
Quantum yield0.2   /   0.23 nd   /   0.38
Ext. coeff. (M-1cm-1)43 000   /   47 000 nd   /   66 000
Brightness*8.6   /   10.81 0   /   25.1
Activating lightUV-violet (e.g. 405 nm) UV-violet (e.g. 390-420 nm)
Calculated contrast, foldup to 2000 ~540
Structuremonomer monomer
Cell toxicitynot observed not observed
Aggregationno no
Maturation rate at 37°Cfast fast
Molecular weight (kDa)27 27

Evaluation of the technologies is easily available by purchase of the related research use product. Please see "Notice to Purchaser" section for the product of your interest for details.

To facilitate evaluation of Evrogen fluorescent protein technology we offer custom assay development services including making fuses with the proteins of interest with following testing in cells (localization or translocation).

For license information please contact Evrogen by e-mail at license@evrogen.com.

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