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References citing PhiYFP or TurboYFP:

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  1. Constructs used: pQE30-based bacterial expression vector encoding PS-CFP2 fused with TurboYFP.
  2. Expression system: recombinant protein FRET substrate (PS-CFP2 fused with TurboYFP) purified from E. coli strain.
  3. Detection system: Applied Photophysics SX.18MV stopped-flow spectrofluorimeter, protein FRET substrate excited at 405nm and emission detected at 530 nm.
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  1. Constructs used: pQE30-based bacterial expression vector encoding PS-CFP2 fused with TurboYFP.
  2. Expression system: recombinant EPeFRET protein (PS-CFP2 fused with TurboYFP) purified from BL21 E. coli strain was used for analysis of enzyme and abzyme-mediated cleavage of encephalitogenic peptide by FRET technique.
  3. Detection system: Genius microplate reader (Tecan) with a 405-nm excitation filter and a 535-nm emission filter.
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