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Nucleic acid research products

- High-effective tools for manipulation with ful-length-enriched cDNA
- Up-to-date technologies
- User-friendly technical support

Evrogen offers products for full-length-enriched cDNA preparation and amplification:

cDNA synthesis
Mint-2 kit allows fast preparation of full-length-enriched double-stranded cDNA from total and poly(A)+ RNA

PCR amplification
DNA polymerases and kits for most PCR applications. Enzymes provide an antibody-mediated hot-start ensuring highly specific and sensitive PCR amplification.

cDNA normalization
Trimmer and Trimmer-direct kits provides fast and reliable way to equalize full-length-enriched cDNA population before library cloning

Available products
Prices are in EURO. The prices do not include delivery. The prices vary in different countries. Please contact your local distributor for exact prices and delivery information.
* These products are not available in certain countries. Please contact your local distributor before ordering.

cDNA synthesis

SK005 Mint-2 cDNA synthesis kit* Allows synthesis of full-length-enriched ds cDNA suitable for various downstream applications including sequencing on NGS platforms 20 rxn € 480

PCR amplification

PK101 Encyclo Plus PCR kit* PCR kit specially intended for cDNA amplification 100 rxn, 50 μl each
or 200 rxn, 25 μl each
€ 160

cDNA normalization

NK003 Trimmer-2 cDNA normalization kit Allows normalization of cDNA for subsequent cloning or next generation sequencing 10 rxn € 750


EA001 Duplex-specific nuclease, lyophilized Thermostable nuclease from Red King (Kamchatka) crab hepatopancreas with a strong preference for cleaving double-stranded DNA and DNA in DNA-RNA hybrid duplexes 50 U € 350
EA002 100 U € 500
EA003 10 U € 130
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