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Sample Requirements

RNA: We accept RNA isolated by any standard method. In the case of small quantities of starting material or non-standard biological objects, we recommend that you use Trizol method (GIBCO/Life Technologies), Qiagen RNA isolation kits or our total RNA isolation protocol.

Genomic DNA: We accept genomic DNA isolated by any standard method.

Important note:

We are not permitted to accept any starting material which is infectious for humans, animals or plants. In case starting material is not infectious but is derived from or related to a pathogen, please provide us with an official statement from your organization confirming that "materials to be received and sent back are (i) non-infectious and (ii) provided for scientific research by common methods for the purpose of future development of detection, diagnostic tests and treatment of infectious diseases by the ordering party".

Please prepare RNA samples in one of the following ways:



Please use GenTegraTM RNA screw-cap tubes, Biomatrica RNAstable tubes or the like for shipping samples in dried form (recommended).





RNA/DNA samples can be also shipped in ethanol: please prepare DNA or RNA water solution with total volume of not less than 30 μl, then add 4 or 5 volumes of pure (96%) ethanol and mix (please use RNase free reagents). Please make sure that total volume of sample solution is not less than 120 μl.

We recommend sending RNA in 1.5 ml screw-cap conical microcentrifuge tubes sealed with parafilm to prevent alcohol evaporation. To prevent RNA degradation in shipment, please do not centrifuge samples after ethanol precipitation prior to shipping.

IMPORTANT for safe and fast delivery:

The tubes must have printed labels – please contact us before sending samples.

Please prepare the following two documents:



Proforma-invoice_dry (doc) – for dried samples (GenTegra/RNAstable tubes)
Proforma-invoice_liquid (doc) – for liquid samples (in EtOH)



Statement_dry (doc) – for dried samples (GenTegra/RNAstable tubes)
Statement_liquid (doc) – for liquid samples (in EtOH)

The Statement document should be printed on sender's letterhead (consignor).

Please complete all fields marked in YELLOW in the documents and enclose one copy of each document inside the package and the other copy to accompanying documents (outside the package).

Please e-mail us scanned copies of the both documents prior to sending samples.

Description of samples in the shipping documents may vary depending on country requirements. It is essential to mention "scientific research samples" and "have no commercial value". Please do not mention "medical", "diagnostic", "biological" or "ethanol" anywhere in the shipping documents.

Please DO NOT enclose any other documents into the package except for the two above-mentioned forms.

Please DO NOT send the materials via FedEx due to limitations on delivery of any chemical substances via this carrier to Russian Federation.

Please DO NOT send samples on dry ice or blue ice as such packages require special customs handling and otherwise will not be delivered!

Please send samples via DHL at room temperature to the following address:

office 321, korpus 70 (TechnoPark)
Miklukho-Maklaya 16/10
Moscow, 117437, Russia
Tel: +7(495)988-4086
Fax: +7(495)988-4085
E-mail: service@evrogen.com
Attn: Marina Khruscheva / Dmitry Shagin

Please e-mail us the shipment tracking number upon sending the materials.

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