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    cDNA synthesis

cDNA synthesis service: terms and prices

cat.# CS030

Starting material

  • 3-5 μg eukaryotic total RNA
  • 1-2 μg eukaryotic poly(A)+ RNA
  • 3-5 μg prokaryotic total RNA

Service details

Different options are available for generating high-quality cDNA preps suitable for further next generation sequencing.

For all the options, cDNA synthesis is performed using modified template-switching (SMART) approach that allows introduction of known adapter sequences to both ends of the first-strand cDNA. cDNA is amplified by PCR.

CAT.# Price
Service details
Starting material
Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks.
Minimal order size – € 1000. Prices include handling/shipping of service resulting materials (door-to-door delivery to one destination). Shipping of starting materials is paid by sender. We offer discounts for multiple orders.
CS030-1 € 400 Full-length-enriched cDNA is flanked on its 3'-end by adapter sequences comprising 1-4 (dT) stretches interspersed with dCs and dGs. This prevents problems with 454 sequencing as the cDNA does not contain long poly(A) stretches. The cDNA also comprises asymmetric SfiI sites and therefore suitable for directional cloning. Eukaryotic total or poly(A)+ RNA Equally well applicable for all NG sequencing platforms and for cloning projects.
Optimal for Roche 454 sequencing (Titanium chemistry)
€ 350 T-primer comprising poly(dT) interspersed with dC and dG is used for cDNA synthesis that helps to avoid possible 454 sequencing problems caused by presence of long homopolymer stretches in cDNA (Shibata et al., 2001). Full-length-enriched cDNA flanked by the same adapter sequences is suitable for NG sequencing (Roche 454, Illumina Solexa, ABI SOLiD) and for non-directional cloning Eukaryotic total or poly(A)+ RNA Well proved for different applications
€ 350 Full-length-enriched cDNA is flanked by adapter sequences comprising asymmetric SfiI sites. SfiI enzyme digestion allows reducing size of the flanking fragments and generating sticky ends. cDNA can be used for NG sequencing and directional cloning. Eukaryotic total or poly(A)+ RNA Solexa Illumina sequencing
ABI SOLiD sequencing
Construction of full-length-enriched cDNA libraries for various needs
€ 350 T-primer with GsuI restriction site inserted is used for making first-strand cDNA; GsuI digestion reduces poly(A) tail in cDNA that help to get better 454 results. The option is tailored specifically for Roche 454 sequencing (both GS FLX Standard and Titanium Series as well as GS Junior System). Eukaryotic total or poly(A)+ RNA Roche 454 sequencing


1. First strand cDNA

2. Amplified double-stranded cDNA (1 μg)

3. PCR primers for cDNA amplification

4. Leftover starting material (on request)

5. Service report

Extra options (please specify when ordering)

Additional amplification of cDNA (up to 30 μg) Amplification of cDNA by PCR with further phenol-chloroform extraction € 50 per 1 μg

Important Notes

Turnaround time is estimated based on average turnaround time for this type of orders. Actual time may depend on the complexity of starting materials and/or deliverables.

In all the service procedures, outcomes are highly dependent on the nature and quality of starting materials. You will be advised on any concerns we may have related to samples quality after QC tests, and every effort will be made to obtain the best possible results.

Confidentiality statement

All data and materials derived from these services are the physical and intellectual property of the purchaser and will be held strictly confidential by EVROGEN.

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