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    Standard cDNA libraries

Standard cDNA library construction service: terms and prices

cat.# CS040

Starting material

At least 2.0 μg of total RNA or poly(A)+ RNA

Service details

Prices include handling/shipping of service resulting materials (door-to-door delivery to one destination). Shipping of starting materials is paid by sender. We offer discounts for multiple orders.
CS040 1. ds cDNA preparation using modified template-switching (SMART) approach 3-5 weeks € 2 500
2. Ligation of the cDNA into an appropriate vector (cDNA can be cloned nondirectionally or directionally using SfiIA – SfiIB, SrfI – NotI, or AscI – NotI restriction sites)
3. Transformation of the ligate into E. coli and preparation of amplified cDNA library (the library is amplified as follows: the resulting library is arrayed in five 25x25 cm plates (approximately 100 000 colonies per plate); clones are eluted by LB/Amp medium. After that, the library is supplied with 17% glycerol and stored at -70°C)
4. Quality control (PCR amplification of the inserts from 33 randomly picked clones to determine a percentage of recombinant clones and average insert size)


1. Amplified double-stranded cDNA (1 μg)

2. PCR primers for cDNA amplification

3. Amplified and characterized cDNA library (the library will contain about 750 000 independent clones)

4. Service report

5. Leftover starting material (on request)

Extra options (please specify when ordering)

Modification of the customer-supplied vector for cloning using retriction sites described above Request a quote

Important Notes

Turnaround time is estimated based on average turnaround time for this type of orders. Actual time may depend on the complexity of starting materials and/or deliverables.

In all the service procedures, outcomes are highly dependent on the nature and quality of starting materials. You will be advised on any concerns we may have related to samples quality after QC tests, and every effort will be made to obtain the best possible results.

Confidentiality statement

All data and materials derived from these services are the physical and intellectual property of the purchaser and will be held strictly confidential by EVROGEN.

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