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    Standard cDNA libraries

Standard cDNA library construction service

cat.# CS040

- E. coli libraries from high-quality full-length-enriched amplified cDNA
- From limited amounts of total or poly(A)+ RNA

Full-length-enriched cDNA is usually produced using modified template-switching (SMART) approach. The method combines cDNA synthesis and amplification and results in representative cDNA population enriched with full-length sequences even from small amounts of starting materials.

After cDNA synthesis, the double stranded cDNA is size fractionated, cloned (directionally or nondirectionally) into a plasmid vector from our collection (or into an appropriate customer-supplied plasmid vector), and transformed into E. coli.

As a quality control measure, a percentage of recombinant clones and average insert size is determined by gel analysis of 33 clones picked at random.

Please inquire about other variants of cDNA preparation and special vector requirements.

ds cDNA synthetized on the basis of total RNA from different human tissues

Agarose/EtBr gel-electrophoresis result: M, 1-kb DNA size markers (SibEnzyme); lane 1 – placenta; lane 2 – fetal liver; lane 3 – brain; lane 4 – fetal lung; lane 5 – testis; lane 6 – small intestine.

We also offer normalized full-length-enriched cDNA libraries.

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