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pTurboYFP-N vector

cat.# FP612

The vector sequence has been compiled using the information from sequence databases, published literature, and other sources, together with partial sequences obtained by Evrogen. This vector has not been completely sequenced.

vector information:
pTurboYFP-NFP61220 μg€ 320 / 160*
*50% discount on the second and subsequent vectors encoding same fluorescent protein or sensor ordered by the same customer.
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Vector typemammalian expression vector
Reporter codon usagemammalian
Promoter for TurboYFPPCMV IE
Host cellsmammalian
Selectionprokaryotic – kanamycin
eukaryotic – neomycin (G418)
Replicationprokaryotic – pUC ori
eukaryotic – SV40 ori
Use TurboYFP expression in mammalian cells; generation of fusions to the TurboYFP N-terminus

Location of features

PCMV IE: 1-589
Enhancer region: 59-465
TATA box: 554-560
Transcription start point: 583
MCS: 592-678
Kozak consensus translation initiation site: 672-682
Start codon (ATG): 679-681
Stop codon: 1408-1410
SV40 early mRNA polyadenylation signal
Polyadenylation signals: 1564-1569 & 1593-1598
mRNA 3' ends: 1602 & 1614
f1 single-strand DNA origin: 1661-2116
Bacterial promoter for expression of Kanr gene
-35 region: 2178-2183
-10 region: 2201-2206
Transcription start point: 2213
SV40 origin of replication: 2457-2592
SV40 early promoter
Enhancer (72-bp tandem repeats): 2290-2361 & 2362-2433
21-bp repeats: 2437-2457, 2458-2478 & 2480-2500
Early promoter element: 2513-2519
Major transcription start points: 2509, 2547, 2553 & 2558
Kanamycin/neomycin resistance gene
Neomycin phosphotransferase coding sequences:
Start codon (ATG): 2641-2643
Stop codon: 3433-3435
G->A mutation to remove Pst I site: 2823
C->A (Arg to Ser) mutation to remove BssH II site: 3169
Herpes simplex virus (HSV) thymidine kinase (TK) polyadenylation signal
Polyadenylation signals: 3671-3676 & 3684-3689
pUC plasmid replication origin: 4020-4663

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