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Limited Use Label License #002:
Evrogen DSN-related products

Property Rights. The Products are covered by U.S. Patents # 7,435,794 and 7,803,922 ("Licensed Patents"). Evrogen retains all rights under Licensed Patents not expressly granted herein.

The purchase of this product or obtaining the product from Evrogen for evaluation conveys to the recipient the non-transferable right to use the obtained amount of the product and its components ("Product") for Research as long as it takes the recipient to utilize the Product.

"Research" means research that is not-for-profit, internal research, or research for evaluation purposes. The Research specifically excludes using the Product by the recipient in any activity for consideration.

Prohibited uses of the Product. The recipient shall not:

A. offer the Product for resale; or distribute, transfer, or otherwise provide access to the Product to any third party for any purpose, including transfer of the Product as a component of a kit;
B. use the Product to provide a service, information or data;
C. use the Product in manufacturing, including use of the Product in quality control or quality assurance procedures;
D. use the Product for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.
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