Encyclo Plus PCR kit

Encyclo Plus PCR kit

cat.# PK101

- High yield of PCR products from a wide variety of templates
- Suitable for difficult templates
- PCR up to 15 kb

Encyclo Plus PCR kit is intended for most PCR and primer extension applications. It is especially recommended for cDNA amplification because of optimal combination of high fidelity and processivity provided by Encyclo polymerase mix.

The kit includes all components necessary for PCR: Encyclo polymerase mix, reactions buffers, a mix of high purity deoxyribonucleotides and sterile PCR water.

Evrogen Encyclo polymerase mix produces high yields of PCR products from a wide variety of templates and is suitable for difficult templates, long PCR (up to 15 kb) from phage lambda DNA, and cloning.

The kit includes three reaction buffers optimized for superior performance of the Encyclo polymerase mix in different applications (successful amplification of long DNA templates, direct loading on agarose gels and efficient amplification of "difficult" (e.g.>65%GC) templates).
Encyclo polymerase mix features:

- High processive 5>3 DNA polymerase activity
- Proofreading 3>5 exonuclease activity
- Automatic hot start
- TA cloning compatibility

PCR amplification of phage λ DNA fragments using Encyclo Plus PCR kit.

Fragment length is indicated at the top. M – 50 ng of DNA size markers (1 kb DNA ladder, NEB).

PCR amplification of first-strand cDNA samples (prepared from total RNA from different tissues) using Encyclo Plus PCR kit.

1 – mouse liver; 2 – mouse skeletal muscle; 3 – mouse brain; 4 – human leucocytes; 5 – human lung; 6 – human skeletal muscle; 7 – mosquito grub; 8 – copepod Pontella sp.; 9 – tomato Lycopersicon esculentum. M – 1 kb DNA size marker, SibEnzyme, Russia.

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Encyclo Plus PCR kit PK101 PCR kit specially intended for cDNA amplification 100 rxn, 50 μl each
or 200 rxn, 25 μl each
€ 160

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Storage: Should be stored at -20°C

Notice to Purchaser:

The Product is intended for research use only. PCR is the subject of patents issued in certain countries. The purchase of this kit does not include a license to perform PCR. However, many researchers may not be required to obtain a license. Other investigators may already have a license to perform PCR through use of a thermal cycler with the appropriate label license.

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