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Blue fluorescent protein TagBFP

- Bright blue fluorescence
- Monomeric protein with successful performance in fusions
- Fast maturation, high photostability
- Extremely high pH-stability
- Recommended for protein labeling, acidic organelle labeling, FRET applications

Recommended filter sets and antibodies

TagBFP can be recognized using Anti-tRFP antibody (Cat.# AB233) available from Evrogen.

The protein can be detected using common fluorescence filter sets for BFP, DAPI, and other blue dyes.

Recommended filter sets are: XF119-2*, QMAX-Blue*, XF131, XF06, XF13-2, XF03, XF11, XF129-2, XF05-2 (Omega Optical); DAPI-5060B* and DAPI-1160A (Semrock); 31037, 31041, 31016*, 31021, 31000v2, 1009v2, 31013v2, 11005v2, 31047 (Chroma Technology Corp.).
* – preferred filter sets

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